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June 19, 2024
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Foodpax Cyprus Go
Suppliers of frozen food products in the Middle East, including fish, meat, poultry, vegetables and more.

ELEA - Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Loutraki Oil Co. Go
Producers and export distributors of quality extra virgin olive oil and other nutritious and heart healthy food products.

Laiko Group, Cyprus Go
Involved in the coffee and confectionery industry in Cyprus.

The Three Bakers, Cyprus Go
Wholesale food company established in 1995, based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Supplies a variety of frozen food products and catering services to the Cyprus market. Also, exports food products to Greece, England, Egypt and Canada.

Sedigep Cyprus Go
Packers and exporters of fruit and vegetables in Cyprus.

Group of Frou Frou Companies Go
Biggest manufacturer of biscuits in Cyprus. In addition they distribute other world known brands and run investment programs using various satellite companies.

Artopolis Bakeries Cyprus Go
Offers a range of traditional French, Greek, and Cypriot bakery products.

Humana Cyprus Go
Producers of baby food and dietetics.

Novel Agro Cyprus Go
Produces AgroOlive oil in Cyprus.

Blue Island Holdings Cyprus Go
Company based in Cyprus, specialising in fish breeding and trade.

Karkotis Manufacturing and Trading Cyprus Go
Deals with the production, sale and distribution of different kinds of pasta, edible oils and sugar in Cyprus.

Theza Enterprises Cyprus Go
Ostrich farm in Cyprus. Breeding of ostriches with ostrich egg incubators. Production of ostrich meat in Cyprus

Ambrosia Oils Go
Refinery of vegetable oils and manufacturer of margarine, shortening products and sauces.

Amagio Enterprises, Cyprus Go
Produces and exports all kinds of citrus in Cyprus, mainly grapefruit white and red, lemons, mandora, and valencia oranges.

Kampia Olive Oil, Cyprus Go
Extra virgin olive oil from the Island of Cyprus.

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